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Name: Set: Go

Faction: Species:
Type: Class:
Personality: Size:
Height: Squad Size:
Life: Move:
Range: Attack:
Defense: Cost:
Unique: Spaces
 NameSquad SizeLifeMoveRangeAttackDefenseSpacesCostUniquePowers
Add10th Regiment of Foot415622175 Melee Defense 1, Wait Then Fire, Bayonet Attack 1
Add4th Massachusetts Line415622170 Valiant Army Defense Bonus, Wait Then Fire
AddAcolarh1551321110 Leaf of the Home Tree Aura, Ullar's Amulet
AddAgent Carr1456241100 Disengage, Ghost Walk, Sword of Reckoning 4
AddAgent Skahen1367331120 Double Attack, Stealth Dodge, Cover Fire
AddAir Elemental115133130 Stealth Flying, Swirlng Vortex, Air Mastery
AddAirborne Elite4148321110 Grenade Special Attack, The Drop
AddAlastair Macdirk1651531110 Overextend Attack
AddAna Karithon1554231100 Turn Undead Special Attack, Protection from Evil Aura, Healing Word
AddAnubian Wolves316114175 Unleashed Fury
AddArkmer135542150 Staff of Lerkintin, Engagement Strike 13
AddArmoc Vipers317133165 Slither, Ullar Warlord Bonding
AddArrow Gruts316611140 Beast Bonding, Disengage
AddAshigaru Harquebus415621160 Wait Then Fire
AddAshigaru Yari 415121140 Encircle Special Attack
AddAtlaga the Kyrie Warrior145543190 Flying, Kyrie Leadership, Ullar's Bolt of the Witherwood
AddAubrien Archers315722170 Frenzy
AddBlade Gruts416122140 Disengage, Orc Champion Bonding
AddBlastatrons415712160 Gladiatron Movement Bonding, Homing Device
AddBrandis Skyhunter156533190 Sky Watcher, Archer's Glory
AddBrave Arrow145143150 Tracking, Scout Melee Attack Enhancement, Concealment 10
AddBraxas1861532210 Flying, Poisonous Acid Breath
AddBrunak1361472110 Blood Hungry Special Attack, Carry, Lava Resistant
AddCapuan Gladiators315133170 Human Gladiator Hero Bonding, Initiative Advantage
AddChardris165132190 Fire Strike Special Attack
AddCharos1951552210 Counter Strike, Flying
AddConcan The Kyrie Warrior155144180 Flying, Knight and Sentinel Enhancement
AddCrixus155153190 One Shield Defense
AddCyprien Esenwein1681341150 Stealth Flying, Life Drain, Chilling Touch
AddDarrak Ambershard145142160 Hide in Darkness, Sneak Attack 2, Disarm Traps
AddDeadeye Dan1351012160 Sharpshooter, Ullar Enhanced Rifle Special Attack
AddDeathreavers416114140 Climb X2, Disengage, Scatter
AddDeathstalkers3171352100 Maul
AddDeathwalker 70001161371100 Self-Destruct, Stealth Dodge
AddDeathwalker 80001157381130 Rapid Fire Special Attack
AddDeathwalker 90001157491140 Explosion Special Attack, Range Enhancement
AddDeepwyrm Drow316133370 Hide in Darkness, Poison Weapons
AddDrow Chainfighter116144125 Chain Grab, Hide in Darkness
AddDumutef Guard116144225 Devourer Attack Enhancement, Road Strength
AddDund1461352110 Crippling Gaze 15
AddDzu-Teh315143175 Glacier Camouflage, Glacier Traverse, Snow and Ice Enhanced Movement
AddEarth Elemental114144135 Earth Slam Special Attack, Underground Movement
AddEinar Imperium3151331140 Double Attack, Stealth Flying
AddEldgrim The Viking Champion135122130 Overextend Attack, Warriors Swiftness Spirit
AddElite Onyx Vipers3171321100 Frenzy, Slither, Evasive 8
AddEmirroon155133180 Elven Summoning Spell
AddEmpress Kiova155134190 Stealth Flying, Gift of the Empress Aura
AddErevan Sunshadow156122180 Fire Blast Special Atttack, Fey Step
AddEstivara145133180 Venom Ray Special Attack, Lolth's Judgment Aura, Cloud of Darkness
AddFen Hydra1451462120 Slither, Hydra Heads 4, Reach 2
AddFeral Troll185131290 Blood Frenzy, Regenerate
AddFinn The Viking Champion145134180 Attack Aura 1, Warriors Attack Spirit 1
AddFire Elemental115144135 Lava Resistant, Searing Intensity, Negative Element
AddFyorlag Spiders317122140 Climb X3, Entangling Web, Predator Bonding
AddGladiatrons415123180 Cyberclaw, Melee Defense 1
AddGorillanators317621190 Tough
AddGranite Guardians3131351100 Rock Throw, Landslide, Gain High Ground
AddGreater Ice Elemental1441642130 Ice Cold, Ice Spikes 15, Cold Healing
AddGrenscale Warriors316123360 Loyalty to the Lizard King, Lizard King Bonding
AddGrimnak1551242120 Chomp, Orc Warrior Enhancement
AddGrok Riders3171332130 Marro Warlord Bonding, Mark of the Warlord, Grok Training
AddGuilty Mc Creech125722130 Double Attack
AddGurei-Oni1451442100 Evil Eye Defense, Tetsubo Special Attack
AddHatamoto Taro1551221130 Heroic Defense Aura, Adjacent Tough 1
AddHeavy Gruts415133170 Disengage, Orc Champion Bonding
AddIsamu116131110 Vanish 9, Phantom Walk, Dishonorable Attack
AddIsrka Esenwein146133150 Flying, Life Drain, Summon the Rechets of Bogdan
AddIzumi Samurai316125160 Counter Strike (Samurai)
AddJames Murphy155722175 Shotgun Blast Special Attack, Whip 12
AddJohnny 'Shotgun' Sullivan155722165 Shotgun Blast Special Attack
AddJorhdawn1651321100 Rain of Flame Special Attack
AddJotun1761842225 Throw 14, Wild Swing Special Attack
AddKaemon Awa1457441120 Counter Strike (Samurai), Quick Release Special Attack
AddKato Katsuro1561441200 Kato Katsuro's Command
AddKee-Mo-Shi1461441130 Mind Shackle, Toxic Skin
AddKelda The Kyrie Warrior156123180 Flying, Healing Touch
AddKhosumet The Darklord136133175 Relentless Assault, Unleashed Fury Enhancement
AddKnights Of Weston414134170 A Coward's Reward, Human Champion Bonding
AddKozuke Samurai3151531100 Charging Assault, Counter Strike (Samurai)
AddKrav Maga Agents3167331100 Stealth Dodge
AddKrug1851232120 Double Attack, Wounded Smash
AddKumiko136135180 Phantom Walk, Ninjutsu Barrage Special Attack
AddKyntela Gwyn125122120 Strength of Oak Aura 1
AddLaglor1657331110 Vydar's Range Enhancement Aura, Autoload Special Attack
AddMacdirk Warriors415122180 Highland Fury, Human Champion Bonding
AddMajor Q101458452150 Machine Pistol Special Attack, Wrist Rocket Special Attack
AddMajor Q91458472180 Queglix Gun Special Attack
AddMajor X171551431100 Improved Cyberclaw, Melee Defense 4
AddMarcu Esenwein167141120 Flying, Life Drain, Eternal Hatred
AddMarcus Decimus Gallus1651331100 Soldier Attack Enhancement, Soldier Leadership
AddMarrden Hounds311135290 Marro Plague, Wild Pack Movement
AddMarrden Nagrubs316122130 Climb X2, Hivelord Life Bonding
AddMarro Dividers315133150 Cell Divide, Self-Replicating
AddMarro Drones316133150 Hive Swarm
AddMarro Drudge315522150 Swamp Water Strength, Swamp Water Tunnel
AddMarro Hive1601126160 Hive Mind, Marro Rebirth
AddMarro Stingers315533160 Stinger Drain
AddMarro Warriors416623150 Water Clone
AddMaster Win Chiu Woo1551441140 Master's Assault, Stealth Leap 25, Master's Influence
AddMe-Burq-Sa138633250 Paralyzing Stare 16
AddMicrocorp Agents3157231100 Sighting, Stealth Armor 15, Water Suits
AddMigol Ironwill1551241110 Climb X2, Deadly Strike, One Shield Defense
AddMimring1561432150 Fire Line Special Attack, Flying
AddMinions Of Utgar3141261110 Deadly Strike, Flying, Utgar's Orders
AddMogrimm Forgehammer1651421120 Tough, Combat Leader, Commander's Strike
AddMohican River Tribe315621170 Concealment 19, Battle Fury, War Cry
AddMoriko1461441110 Phantom Walk, Saber Storn Special Attack
AddMorsbane1651321100 Rod of Negation
AddNakita Agents3156331120 Engagement Strike 15, Gorillinator Movement Bonding, Smoke Powder 13
AddNe-Gok-Sa155136190 Mind Shackle 20
AddNerak the Glacian Swog Rider138133250 Disengage, Orc Defensive Aura 1, Snow Strength
AddNilfheim1661642185 Flying, Ice Shard Breath Special Attack
AddNinjas of the Northern Wind3161431110 Disappearing Ninja, Disengage, Ghost Walk
AddObsidian Guards3141441100 Lava Resistant, Lava Throw, Water Weakness
AddOmnicron Repulsors315713140 Circuitry Overload, Targeting Beacon, EMP Response
AddOmnicron Snipers3157131100 Deadly Shot
AddOrnak1461331100 Red Flag of Fury Aura, Orc Battle Cry Aura
AddOthkurik the Black Dragon1561432140 Flying, Acid Spray Special Attack, Lurking Ambush
AddOtonashi116123110 Phantom Walk, Tricky Speed 4, Attack the Wild 2
AddParmenio155133190 Disciplined Influence, Sacred Band Defy Death 15
AddPelloth1465331100 Lolth's Wrath Special Attack, Lurk in Shadows
AddPhantom Knights316134170 Stealth Flying, Insubstantial 3
AddProtectors of Ullar3145331110 Flying, Combined Arbalest
AddQuasatch Hunters3151341100 Feral Rage, Techno Hatred, Jungle Tracking
AddRaelin The Kyrie Warrior156133180 Defensive Aura, Flying
AddRaelin the Kyrie Warrior v21561331120 Flying, Whirlwind Assault, Extended Defensive Aura
AddRechets of Bogdan316133150 Flying, Iskra's Summoning, Lethal Sting
AddRetiarius145153190 Net Trip 14
AddRoman Archers314621155 Arrow Volley
AddRoman Legionnaires414132150 Shield Wall, Warlord Bonding
AddRuna1561331120 Flying, Helm of Mitonsoul Aura
AddSacred Band414132150 Disciplined Army Defense Bonus, Einar Warlord Bonding
AddSahuagin Raider116123125 Blood Frenzy, Amphibious
AddSaylind The Kyrie Warrior156133180 Flying, Spear of Summoning
AddSentinels Of Jandar3141341110 Flying, Shields of Valor
AddSgt. Drake Alexander1551631110 Grapple Gun 25, Thorian Speed
AddSgt. Drake Alexander v21661641170 Thorian Speed, Grapple Arm, Pistol Fire Special Attack
AddShades of Bleakwoode3171241100 Stealth Flying, Soul Devour
AddShaolin Monks316133180 Shaolin Assault, Stealth Leap
AddSharwin Wildborn1561231110 Arcane Bolt Special Attack, Arcane Riposte, Shocking Grasp
AddShiori136133160 Phantom Walk, Concentrated Will, Shuriken Special Attack
AddSir Denrick1551441100 A Coward's Reward, Giant Killer
AddSir Dupuis1681431150 Knight's Courage, Tactical Disengagement 7, Chalice of Fortitude
AddSir Gilbert1651341105 Attack Aura 1, Jandar's Dispatch
AddSir Hawthorne165144190 Blind Range Special Attack, Stab in the Back
AddSonlen1656431160 Dragon Healing, Dragon Swoop
AddSonya Esenwein136133145 Flying, Life Drain, Eternal Strength, Eternal Heartbreak
AddSpartacus1551641200 Gladiator Inspiration
AddSu-Bak-Na1561732160 Flying, Hive Supremacy
AddSudema1451231140 Stare of Stone
AddSujoah1681442185 Flying, Poison Sting Special Attack
AddSwog Rider118133225 Disengage, Orc Archer Enhancement
AddSyvarris1459321100 Double Attack
AddTaelord The Kyrie Warrior1551331180 Attack Aura, Flying
AddTagawa Samurai3161351120 Bloodlust, Counter Strike (Samurai)
AddTagawa Samurai Archers315623165 Counter Strike (Samurai)
AddTandros Kreel1755241120 +2 Broadsword, Cleave, Combat Challenge
AddTarn Viking Warriors414134150 Berserker Charge
AddTemplar Cavalry3181332120 Galloping Charge, Dismiss the Rabble, Righteous Smite
AddThe Axegrinders of Burning Forge414133170 Climb X2, Dwarven Strategic Bonding, Fearless Advantage
AddTheracus137133240 Carry, Flying
AddThorgrim The Viking Champion145134180 Defensive Aura 1, Warriors Armor Spirit 1
AddTorin1551441120 Battleaxe, Evil Eye Protection
AddTor-kul-na1661652220 Trample Stomp
AddTornak1371452100 Disengage, Orc Warrior Enhancement
AddTul-Bak-Ra1651441130 Mind Blast Special Attack, Teleportation, Teleport Reinforcements
AddUlginesh1576332150 Flying, Mind Link
AddValguard1751241110 Berserker Charge Enhancement, First Assault 3
AddVenoc Vipers317130140 Frenzy, Slither
AddVenoc Warlord1671431120 Frenzy Enhancement, Scout Leadership, Slither
AddWarden 816125736190 Evisceraxe Special Attack, Gaurd Leadership
AddWarriors of Ashra315133150 Defensive Agility
AddWater Elemental114534130 Water Mastery, Water Tunnel
AddWolves of Badru316133180 Climb X2, Darklord Bonding, Pounce Special Attack
AddWo-Sa-Ga1461642135 Slither, Coil Crush
AddWyvern1471442100 Flying, Talon Grab, Venomous Sting
AddZelrig1661442185 Flying, Majestic Fires Special Attack
AddZetacron125824260 Deadly Shot
AddZettian Guards214727170 Zettian Targeting
AddZombies of Morindan314123160 Zombie Onslaught Special Attack, Horde Movement, Zombies Rise Again